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Gundry MD Proplant Complete Shake Reviews

We’re constantly striving to make our wellness products the best and to serve you better. Read All Gundry MD Proplant Complete Shake reviews below. These Proplant Complete Shake reviews are from actual Gundry MD customers.

Read All Proplant Complete Shake Reviews

Robyn, on 09-07-2020

I start my day with a cup of coffee then a ProPlant shake in coconut water. 156 total calories takes me through 2 workouts and half my workday. What is most noticible is that by lunchtime I'm ready for a light lunch and I'm not famished leading up to that.

Steve B, on 09-30-2020
A good lunch substitute

I'm using ProPlant as a lunch substitute combined with an apple for about a week now and it gets me through to dinner time no problem. Already dropped a couple pounds., and looking forward to more.

James, on 09-30-2020
Great protein shake in both Chocolate and Vanilla

ProPlant shake definitely curbs my appetite and tastes good, especially with chilled almond milk. Add a little crushed ice and whip it up with your implement of choice. Great tasting shake after a workout or between meals. I have been taking it now for a little over a month. While I have been trying to keep my weight constant, I have felt more energetic and it may help the muscles after a workout too. At 78 I need a boost and this helps me keep moving and stay trim.

Veronica Carl, on 09-30-2020
ProPlant Complete shake

Before I started drinking ProPlant Complete Shake, I was bloated all the time, always fought stomach problems my energy level was low. now I feel great and normal again.

Linda, on 09-30-2020
Best tasting healthy shake

We are very impressed with Gundry MD ProPlant chocolate shake. Not only does it taste incredible it also curbs our appetites and provides energy. Both my husband and I have used this as a meal replacement and have lost weight and feel terrific! The shakes are easy to make and we have found by adding a frozen banana the texture is rich and creamy. We also enjoy making the mug cakes that are included in the recipe booklet. By adding a few blueberries to the mixture before placing in the microwave, it makes the mug cake taste absolutely delicious! We have tried several other kinds of shakes and this is the only one that has worked. I have recommended it to several friends. Our only concern is that it is rather expensive but the health benefits are worth the cost.

Jose B Mena, on 09-30-2020

I'm 63 year young. I have been taking this protein ProPlant base supplement for the last three months, and I'm feeling the best that I ever felt in my entire life. It really does what it supposed to do entirely through your whole body. Thank you Dr. GUNDRY for such a great supplement product.

Seth Cosans, on 09-03-2020
Life Changing Shake and Products!!

A couple years ago I had tried the Primal Plant and immediately upon trying it I felt the best i have ever felt. As life happens I got busy finished what i had bought a time got away from me but I kept saying I am going to invest in myself. I am going to get the Gundry products again. This time I didn't mess around and when I saw the information on the shake I was pretty sure I would like it along with the amino acids. Again upon starting to take the ProPlant Shake Primal Plants and the amino acids I have felt the best i have ever felt. My mind is clearer, my digestion is awesome. My hunger is satisfied which means my body is getting the nutrients it needs and my gut health is improving. I notice my skin is better. I had been working on my weight not as a diet but as a healthier lifestyle. Just turning 47 years old I had competed in numerous sports growing up and always have been very active but last year I had an issue with my left knee which really limited my normal exercise and activities. Over the past year I had slowly gained an alarming 40 lbs and that was not how I was going to live happy. It was time to live better. I was doing all the right things, eating right, walking close to 10,000 steps 5 to 6 times a week logging my food and balancing my menus. I love to cook and I eat pretty healthy. Lots of fresh veggies, fruits, mushrooms, and organic meats and lots of fish. I had lost a little but after over two months of really putting the time and effort in I was not seeing the scale move much and i was just maintaining until I got the Proplant shake, primal plants and amino acids. I have taken them every morning for close to 30 days and as I said I have felt the best I have ever felt and the weight is slowly starting to come down. The shake taste is just right with none of that nasty after taste of some of the other stuff out there and works well with other stuff added. I have added Avocado, banana and some of the recommended ones too and just water and it is awesome every way I have had it.

Jill Davies, on 09-29-2020
I have used 3 bottles of this product!

I have used 3 bottles of the ProPlant shake. I don't drink alone and usually add spinach, berries and avocado. It is very filling. It helps with bloating and a gassy stomach. I like that it has fiber and that it is plant based. I had been using products that were not plant based and I was concerned about if they were organic and how they were sourced. I feel this product is a better option as apposed to animal based proteins. I will continue to use this product.

Nia, on 09-24-2021
Great source of healthy Protein

The soy, and whey protein shakes are horrible on my system. It was only after having Dr Gundry's ProPlant complete could I feel the difference. The taste is so much better than the retail shakes out there filled with sugar and chemicals. REALLY, I truly enjoy my 1x/day shake. It satisfies, and truly serves my body well.

Anna, on 09-24-2020

I have been enjoying the ProPlant Shake for the last 8 weeks. Now, my husband loved shakes too every morning. Easy to mix, tastes great!!! Helps me feel satisfied and full of energy. This is a product for life ... I Love it...

Mary Jane, on 09-17-2020
Best vegan protein powder I have ever tried!

Chocolate ProPlant is so creamy and delicious! I mix mine in the VitaMix with water, 2 T EVOO, and 2 cups romaine but it just as good with nothing but water in a blender bottle. I bought it for an occasional breakfast when I'm running late for work but I am drinking it almost every morning now because it tastes so good and I feel great when I do. Looking forward to trying the vanilla.

Steve Elks, on 09-15-2020
Love This Stuff. ! !

I have spent most of my adult life around 90 to 100 kilos. As a younger man I was able to quite easily maintain a relatively active lifestyle even with that extra weight. When I reached my 50s things started to get quite uncomfortable. The extra weight I was carrying started to show in my overall health and wellbeing [...] Fast Forward to now. I am turning 60 in February 2021. I have maintained a steady weight of 80kgs. I want to continue to maintain a good healthy weight so this is why I researched the work being done by Dr G and his team. I admit I have never been one who could survive replacing a meal with a shake. I never felt it was possible to give me that full filling satisfaction like eating an actual meal does. So when I started with the ProPlant Complete Shake I would have it as a morning tea or afternoon tea supplement to get me through those hunger times between meals. Soon, I found that with the shake if I had it in the morning then I was not feeling hungry at lunchtime. Or if I had a shake in the mid afternoon. I was not feeling too hungry around dinner time. So soon I found that the Complete shake was ideal as a meal supplement and my feelings of hunger throughout the day or evening had disappeared. I have only been taking the ProPlant Complete shake now for about two months. I have lost another 3kgs and reduced my waist measurement by 2 inches. But what I love is how great I feel. The energy I have. And the great nutritional value making my gut the most healthy it has ever been. Love the chocolate flavour. I will certainly be putting my ongoing order in soon. A Massive THANKYOU Dr G.

Marilyn K., on 09-14-2020

I have the ProPlant shake every morning with coconut milk, and a handfull of ice cubes. It keeps me full until lunchtime without any serious cravings.

Kim Vuong, on 09-12-2020
ProPlant complete shake

I have been enjoying the ProPlant Shake for the last 4 weeks. When I decided to purchase this ProPlant shake, it was intended for me only and the main purpose was the protein supplement. But since I used this product, I combined the black coffee drink so I was able to make a mocha drink without using additional sugar or cream and it was delicious. Now, my husband and my daughter love the shake too and the whole family has been enjoying the shake every morning. I don't usually give feedback but I decided to write for this one because I love this product very much.

Moselle Woodley, on 09-11-2020

ProPlant Complete Shake works like magic for me. It has immediately curbed my hunger, and heightened my energy, and in about a week and a half, reduced bloating was noticeable. This is a product for life..

David J, on 08-09-2021
Great evening meal

I started using Proplant for my evening meal. It is so easy to make a drink with Almond milk and sometimes I add fruit. Green bananas work well. I really recommend this with Vita Reds and Prebiothrive in a drink.

Claire Chadwick, on 08-06-2020
ProPlant Complete Shake

I was skeptical at first, as the market is flooded with shakes of all types. However, Dr Gundry's ProPlant Shake is very different from the competition. My husband and I love the chocolate flavor, it's very satisfying, quick and easy to make. I always add a few ice cubes and mix with a cup of unsweetened coconut milk, and 1 cup water. Try adding Dr. Gundry's Vital Reds to the smoothie for a delicious raspberry-chocolate flavor. The best part, is that I know I am feeding my body a very healthy product!üòä

Edwin, on 08-05-2020
Does not make you bloated.

Compare to the other milkshakes, the ProPlant shake is gentle to your stomach. I feel great drinking it after a hard workout. It also tastes great. Not too sweet. I'm almost finished with the second jar. Going to order more.

Georgina Hadj, on 08-04-2020

I have used other shakes in the past, ProPlant has been the most effective for me. Healthier bowel movements, better moods, satisfied appetite and overall, feeling better. Very impressed

Lynne, on 08-23-2020

Love ProPlant, another winner Dr Gundry . Helps me feel satisfied and full of energy.

Marc Hughes, on 08-16-2020
No cravings

I use the proplant shake and I add a scoop of energy renew to a glass of water in the morning and I have good energy all day with no crashes. Thanks Dr. Gundry

Kstarinieri, on 08-15-2020
Great Protein and Fills Me Up

I use ProPlant for alternative protein source and as a meal replacement or snack. I love the natural protein ingredients in ProPlant. I usually drink one shake for lunch and it fills me up and am not hungry at all. I love the vanilla flavor and I plan on trying the chocolate one next. Great product!

Carol Mcwilliams, on 08-14-2020

I take the ProPlant Complete Protein shake every morning for breakfast along with the PreBiotic. It is light on my stomach and helps give me the mental clarity and energy to have an active morning without feeling bogged down with a sluggish digestion. Makes for a very satisfying start to my day. It is delicious as an added bonus. I Love this product and my stomach thanks you too.

Nancy Neish, on 08-14-2020
Great Product

I have both the chocolate and vanilla Proplant complete shakes and they are both delicious. I make the shakes with unsweetened coconut milk and add different fruit for variety. I highly recommend these products for increasing plant protein in your diet.

Steven L Herbster, on 08-14-2020
Pro plant shake

I have only used it a couple days but early signs are positive. I was using shaklee protein shake for several years. Proplant has lower sodium, calories and more fiber.

Natalie Norton-Baker, on 08-14-2020
Very nourishing & Fullfilling

I always have my ProPlant either the chocolate or vanilla for breakfast. Not only is it nourishing, it keeps me full and sustains me much longer in the day. There are many days throughout the week I don't have any lunch at all. Love the Pro Plant.

Kathy, on 08-14-2020
Fabulous ProPlant Shakes!

I have either a chocolate or vanilla ProPlant shake every morning. I place fresh fruit (mangos, blueberries, strawberries, etc) with water and ice in the blender and mix extremely well. Truly look forward to waking up and having my shake!

David Mclauchlan, on 08-14-2020

I have been taking the ProPlant shake for about 6 months. I have it for my lunch and it sustains me all day. Great tasting drink and I feel very satisfied after drinking and never tired of the taste. I feel it helps keep my weight down [...] in conjunction with Peak Mobility. I am a 68 year old builder and can still keep pace with the young ones thanks to the Gundry products.

Mary, on 08-11-2020
Plant Protein is Working

As a chocolate lover, I've thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate Proplant Complete Shake. I frequently just mix it with water but have also enjoyed it with coconut water. I'm sure the vanilla would also be good as well and possibly more versatile to add in fruit or other veggies blended up [...] I have frequently enjoyed it in the afternoon as a meal replacement. As they say: so far, so good! Happy and grateful to be able to order this product from Dr. Gundry.

Barbara Charis, on 08-10-2020

It is so satisfying to have a tasty meal available, when you want something fast. When I make the shake, it contains 21 ounces, which results in a feeling of fullness. It satisfies the appetite and makes it easier to maintain my weight. There are two things I like to make sure that I get daily along with the right food;...enough water and sufficient fiber. The ProPlant Complete Shake provides 8 grams of fiber in each drink and along with the coconut milk; I add 8 ounces of water. So two of the important items in my nutritional program are met by this delicious chocolate shake.

Brianna Mcavoy, on 08-10-2019
Best Sheke Ever!

I was skeptical about trying yet another protein shake, but trust Dr. Gundry so much, that I ordered the ProPlant Complete Shake. I used his recipe of coconut milk, ProPlant powder, olive oil, vanilla extract, and ice cubes. The best chocolate protein shake I have ever had! I am enjoying it as a breakfast substitute most mornings. It has stopped my mid-morning cravings and I noticed that I am consuming less food for lunch. I have lost weight, with the daily inclusion of ProPlant in my diet. Thank you for another great product Dr.Gundry!

Clifford Silcox, on 08-01-2020
Peace of Mind

Protein is important but so is the source. With the plants Dr. Gundry recommends used in ProPlant I can eat less eggs and still get enough protein.

Darren, on 08-01-2020
Great protein supplement

I love the product. Modifying the mug cake recipe, I make ProPlant brownies for breakfast. Great way to start my day.

Reba Burress, on 07-28-2020

Since I stared with the PROPLANT shake, I've become regular with my bowel movement. I have more energy. And I love the shake, so creamy I love it. Thank you..

Julia S, on 05-04-2021

I love the proplant shake. I've only tried the chocolate.. I'm waiting for my order of vanilla. Very Tasty.

Jean, on 04-30-2021
ProPlant Complete Shake

I wanted to eliminate bread and sandwiches for lunch and listened to Dr. Gundry's video on his ProPlant Complete Shake. I ordered 3 jars and am just about finished with the 1st jar. I absolutely love it. It fills me up, tastes great and I feel more alert. I usually either blend it with unsweet almond or coconut milk or sometimes add some berries, 1/2 banana or nuts.

Sarah, on 04-03-2021
Great Mini Meal!

I am enjoying the ProPlant Complete Shake in the vanilla variety. I am experiencing an overall better health with this product. I plan on buying it again. It's easy to mix and drink and I don't have to doctor it up to enjoy it.

Dbailey, on 04-01-2021

The ProPlant Shakes are filling and delicious. I am starting to see results where previously I was just “stuck” with my old body. This diet does work if you stick to it. There is hope out there for results that were not possible. You're right about the vision improvement, it does occur. Thank you

Joy W, on 04-01-2021
First satisfying shakes for me.

I actually ordered this product by mistake, meaning to re-order Total Restore. When it arrived i was surprised by the size of the package - ha. Anyway, I decided to keep it and use the shakes instead of the SlimFast I had been using to down my supplements in the morning. I was SO pleasantly surprised! ProPlant is the first shake I have tried that makes me feel as if I have actually had a real meal! Other shakes tasted okay, but were not at all filling. Not so with the ProPlant, I will give them 5 stars for that!!!

Eric, Englewood FL on 11-25-2023
No complaints.

I did not enjoy the taste of this product as well as some others I have recently used. No ill feelings. Unsure if I will order more due to taste and price. Thanks for asking. Eric

Ana, . NORTH CAROLINA on 08-10-2023
Great product

I started using this product about two months ago. I honestly love it so much it's easy for my stomach to digest and let me just tell you it is very tasty.

Patricia Taylor Holz, Purcellville VA on 08-01-2023
Content & hopeful

I feel good. Lost a couple of pounds and bloated belly, thanx! Hoping to lose a few more in the weeks to come

Linda Wood, Rolling Hills Estates CA on 07-08-2023
On my second jar

I have noticed a difference since I have been doing this everyday.! Definitely my energy. Hoping it will help curb my appetite and cravings for sweets. It's helped a bit.

Tammy, . UNDISCLOSED on 06-18-2023
Vanilla shake

I am still early in my process of using the shakes. The flavor is good and one shake satisfies for several hours

William, Vicksburg MS on 06-10-2023

I have noticed a decrease in sugar cravings…Also I am losing unwanted bloating/weight…I use the shakes to replace 1 - 2 meals per day…

Cori, . CANADA on 05-16-2023
Vanilla complete shake

It's been good so far. Not much change yet but will take time to get in my system. I have only been taking it for a week. I will see how I feel after a month

Margo, Greensboro NC on 04-28-2023
vanilla vs chocolate

Overall, pleased with Pro Plant Shake. Having tried chocolate and vanilla, chocolate is my favorite for taste.

Rich, Salem OREGON on 04-27-2023
Pro Plant Shake

Pro Plant gives me enough energy to make it till mid afternoon ,then I just have a snack till dinner time .

Juli, Springfield VA on 03-14-2023
Pro plant vanilla

I have tried it and it does taste good. I have not used it on a regular basis so I can't attest to the full results at this time

Tris, Salem OREGON on 02-20-2023
Filling, but a little gritty

The shake is good with just water but I'm experiencing grittiness. Maybe I need to mix with a smoother liquid.

Carolyn, . CA on 02-03-2023
Good shake

I have been using this product for almost a month. I drink the shake in the morning on my way to work and it keeps me full until lunch. It is helping me shed some pounds too.

Yvonne, Aldergrove CANADA on 01-31-2023
Good Results

I haven't had the product very long but my mornings are more productive. I look forward to a daily improvement as I continue with the product. And would recommend it to my friends

Gina Bedard, Keene NY on 01-19-2023
So far so good

I got this for my husband, he is starting out slowly, only drinking 1 shake on work days right now, but liking it so far. Just purchased his second container.

Connie, Austin TX on 01-16-2023

I am overall satisfied with the product. The only issue I have is like to consume the shake over time and it solidifies and I don't like the texture.

Anne, . OHIO on 12-26-2022
Pretty goos

I am not much a breakfast shake fan, but this one is pretty good. It does need to be shaken for best taste.

Barb, . UNDISCLOSED on 06-06-2022
I have noticed I have more energy

I have noticed more energy. I mix the vanilla with coconut milk and blueberries in my blender for my am meal.

Benjamin Ripley, on 10-13-2020
Great tasting and satisfying

I enjoyed its taste and it really filled me up and cut down on my cravings at night; In the beginning, I was taking it once a day at supper, but my stomach found it really heavy; I have decided to take the shake occasionally as an excellent alternative for animal protein

Gail, on 10-08-2020

The ProPlant shakes are the best! Plus, they are lectin free and low in carbs. I enjoy having one in the morning and one in the evening with an avocado mixed in. They are smooth and delicious!

Rob Beauchamp, on 09-30-2020
Perfect Protien Option

I love having a perfect protein option that is simply All Good! The fact that it is vegan as well avoiding lectins, and each ingredient having such important health benefits is outstanding! I hope it is always available!

Kim Vuong, on 09-12-2020
ProPlant complete shake

I have been enjoying the ProPlant Shake for the last 4 weeks. When I decided to purchase this ProPlant shake, it was intended for me only and the main purpose was the protein supplement. But since I used this product, I combined the black coffee drink so I was able to make a mocha drink without using additional sugar or cream and it was delicious. Now, my husband and my daughter love the shake too and the whole family has been enjoying the shake every morning. I don't usually give feedback but I decided to write for this one because I love this product very much.

Mark D Garraway, on 08-26-2020

I have used a multitude of protein supplements over my lifetime. Almost all supplements I have used cause bloating and tend to cause weight gain when used. This is the first supplement that has helped to correct all my stomach and digestion issues and it keeps me on the lean side. No bloating or gas. I absolutely love this product. Give it a try for a month. You will be hooked too!

Thomas H.norris, on 04-10-2019
Plant protein

Love the plant protein shake, filling and no bloating!

Vicky, on 02-06-2019
AT Last!

Finally, a protein shake without Lectins. My body loves it! I only wish you had it in Vanilla too. Thank you for this product.

Norma Iglehart, on 10-16-2018

I take this mixed up, to the gym for a quick easy lunch between classes. I love it! Easy, yummy and keeps me going. Following the lectin free plan has relieved me of frequent brain fog and this gives me another great option.

Lisa, on 07-26-2018
Very Tasty!

I was a diehard pea protein brand of protein powder every morning. Of course, I needed to switch. The chocolate flavor is so rich that you don't need to add chocolate stevia drops like I always had. Makes a nice consistency smoothie when I throw in some spinach and ice. I highly recommend.

Bronis, on 07-05-2018
ProPlant is excellent

I've been using ProPlant for several months and am really pleased. The flavor is excellent and the fiber content outstandingƒ?? it really keeps me regular. As importantly, the plant based ingredients are better than any other protein drink I've been able to find. It's a great meal replacement that keeps both my tummy and body satisfied!

Mark Stevens, on 02-09-2019

I took the proplant before bed and I noticed an improvement the very next day.Improved energy,less cravings, more brain clarity and overall well being I haven't felt like this for a long time.Thank you Dr Gundry.

Barbara Miller, on 02-28-2020
Feeling stronger

I've been drinking ProPlant complete shake, pre-bio thrive and primal plant mixture every morning for a while now. I am feeling much stronger and have much more energy. I am 74 years old.

Les Harris, on 12-15-2019
Sustained morning energy

I combine the ProPlant shake with the prebiotic and and a bit of decaf coffee to make a mocha drink. I find that it lasts well into the afternoon. Thanks.

Jennifer O., on 11-16-2020
Quick and Easy Breakfast

I have been enjoying my Proplant Complete Shake (vanilla) in the mornings with coconut milk, a handful of blueberries, and a half of a banana. I also have been mixing in a scoop of the Prebiothrive because I find Prebiothrive more palatable that way. I tried the chocolate flavor first last month, and I now have vanilla flavor. The combo with blueberries, banana, and the vanilla kind of make it taste like blueberry cake. I do feel better since I started taking the shake and I don't have the digestive issues I had previously. However, I did stop drinking coffee the same week I started taking Proplant Complete Shake. Being only a month and a half into taking ProPlant Complete Shake and a couple of weeks into taking Prebiothrive; I'm excited to see additional benefits of taking it long term.

Gail, on 10-08-2020

The ProPlant shakes are the best! Plus, they are lectin free and low in carbs. I enjoy having one in the morning and one in the evening with an avocado mixed in. They are smooth and delicious!

Jack, on 10-07-2020
Seems to Work as Advertised

I have gone through a container of ProPlant over the past 4 weeks, having a shake for breakfast each morning. I usually use 1.5 cups of unsweetened coconut milk or almond milk, and I add 1/2 a banana or 4 strawberries. The taste is fine as long as I blend it well. My wife recently started having a shake as well, so I reordered another container. Because of the cost, I searched for a less expensive protein shake, but I could not find one that offered all the ingredients. Even protein shakes with "almost" the same ingredients were just as expensive through GNC or online. My wife and I are using Weight Watchers and also following Gundry's YES list of things to each (On WW, avocados and walnuts are high in points costs, but Gundry has them a very beneficial, so we still eat them). We have both lost more weight than expected, so I think the ProPlant Shake has helped. We have also started taking the Total Restore capsules to aid in "gut health". We have not yet determined how well those have worked.

Jerry, on 10-07-2020

Right now I'm using ProPlant in a smoothy with greens for my first meal of the day at lunch during my 5-day, reduced calorie fast. My wife and I also use it regularly during the rest of the month because it just tastes good.

Diana Rivero, on 10-31-2020

I love ProPlant complete shake I start taking it 5 days a week in the morning it filled me up and the days that I don't take it, I feel more hungry and I eat more inapropiate food so I decide to drink it every day and I feel great inside and outside (lose a little weigth, so great).

Minh Lam, on 10-24-2020
Amazing ProPlant Shakes

The ProPlant shakes are amazing. I enjoy drinking it everyday. It tastes delicious and it keeps me full without cravings for any unhealthy snacks throughout the day. I have noticed my energy has increased and feeling healthier. I have lost a couple of pounds in drinking ProPlant within a month. My teenager daughter loves your Mug Cake ingredients!

Dale Wiersma, on 10-01-2020
My morning quick srart

I look forward to it every morning. Some people have coffee and I have my ProPlant Complete Shake. I'm suprised how long the it helps to reduces my daily cravings. The more active I am, the longer it seems to last. I'm loosing weight I feel fantastic and It will continue to be a mainstay in my daily regiment,

Robert Roth, on 01-24-2021
Very good taste and flavor

I make a smoothy using several Dr Gundry products: PROPLANT COMPLETE SHAKE, PREBIOTHRIVE, VITAL REDS and HEART DEFENSE. In addition I add some vitamin C powder and blueberries . I don't know what Doctor Gundry would say about this combination, but I feel good, am 84 y/o and play golf almost every day.

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ProPlant Complete Shake FAQ

Is ProPlant Complete Shake Worth Trying?

Protein is required for many of the body’s most important tasks, like maintaining the health of your organs, tissues, metabolism, and cells. Protein can also help support muscle growth, metabolism, and a feeling of satiety that may help you eat fewer calories, too.1-4

So, yes, getting enough protein is a worthwhile pursuit, and ProPlant Complete Shake is an easy, delicious way to ensure that you’re getting the right kind of protein. In fact, the hemp seed protein found in ProPlant Complete contains all nine essential amino acids, which makes it a “complete” protein source.†*

ProPlant Complete Shake is lectin-free and “Gundry-approved,” and it’s a plant based protein shake, making it a great choice for all types of diets.



What Do I Mix It With?

To prepare a ProPlant Complete Shake, stir in a healthy dose (one scoop) of shake powder with 8-12 fl. oz of water or the beverage of your choice. Unsweetened coconut milk, A2 milk, pistachio milk, or smoothies go well with this powder. You can prepare your shake in a blender, a shaker bottle, or in a tall cup stirred by hand. The recommended serving size is one shake daily.

What Are the Potential Health Benefits of ProPlant Complete Shake?

A single serving of a ProPlant Complete Shake provides 10 grams of high-quality, plant-based, lectin-free, complete protein. Many people who have tried this shake report back that it helps support:

Always talk with your doctor before making any changes to your diet or routine, including adding new dietary supplements.

*Individual results can and will vary.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



When Is The Best Time Of Day To Drink It?

While you can drink ProPlant Complete Shake anytime you want a boost, many people choose to drink it as part of their morning routine. ProPlant Complete Shake helps support youthful energy levels and smooth digestion in an easy-to-consume format with natural flavors– something many people are looking for in the morning.†*

Gundry MD recommends that you drink one shake per day for best results.

Is Gundry MD ProPlant Complete Shake Gluten Free?

Yes. Gundry MD ProPlant Complete Shake is plant-based, gluten-free, lectin-free, and soy-free. These are the main ingredients:



How Many Calories Are In A Single Serving?

One 27.2 gram scoop of ProPlant Complete Shake contains 100 calories. If you mix it in with a caloric beverage (anything except water), be sure to factor in those calories as well. This shake also contains 3 grams of fat, 9 grams of carbs, 6 grams of dietary fiber, 10 grams of protein, and calcium, iron, and potassium.7



*Individual results can and will vary.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.