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About Dr. Gundry

For 48 years , Dr. Steven Gundry was one of the world’s most highly-skilled heart surgeons. Though a much sought-after expert in his field, he left his surgical post to help dramatically improve human health, happiness, and longevity through his new vision of diet and nutrition.

His research has led to significant breakthroughs in medical technology and surgical procedures. These discoveries, and how Dr. Gundry advanced the science around them, have been changing the way many doctors go about saving the lives of their patients.

At the turn of the new century, Dr. Steven Gundry was the Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Loma Linda University. One day, a very overweight patient with chronic illnesses asked Dr. Gundry to take him on as a patient. He’d been told his case was hopeless, and that surgery wouldn’t help. But Dr. Gundry wanted to take on the impossible and agreed to help him.

To Dr. Gundry’ surprise, this patient was already showing improvements simply by changing his diet.The patient’s success led Dr. Gundry down a new dietary research path and inspired him to create Gundry MD.

In 2002, Dr. Gundry left Loma Linda and founded The Center for Restorative Medicine. He’s spent the last 19 years studying the human microbiome there. Dr. Gundry went on to develop a scientific philosophy known as holobiotics. Now, Gundry MD exists so he can share the benefits of his research and experience with you.

About Gundry MD

Gundry MD products were crafted to help improve your health, happiness, and longevity through Dr. Gundry’s one-of-a-kind vision of nutrition and diet.

According to Gundry MD, your body is like a building. You’re the landlord, and the trillions of bacteria in your microbiome — referred to as ‘gut bugs’ by Dr. Steven Gundry — are the tenants. Some of the gut bugs are “good” tenants. They help monitor digestion, push energy through your body, and motor up to 70percent of your immune function.

But your body can also house “bad” tenants, like lectins (plant proteins that can disrupt your system). There are other bad tenants, too, like pathogens that may cause illness or gut yeasts that might prevent healthy digestion, which can cause you to pack on the pounds.

Your body should help the good gut bugs foster optimum health. But processed foods and sugar can get in the way, putting your good gut bugs at risk, and potentially making you feel tired and sick.

Gundry MD products were built to help you naturally restore your gut health . Gundry MD supplements were also designed to assist you in your pursuit of overall wellness.†

Gundry MD products were created to help keep your good gut bugs healthy and working hard, and Gundry MD supplements were designed to help you kick your lousy gut bugs to the curb. Any way you slice it, Gundry MD wants to help your gut keep you healthy.†

*All individuals are unique. As such, your results can and will vary.