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ProPlant Complete Shake

Gundry MD® ProPlant Complete ShakeTM is a brilliant blend of good-for-your-body plant-based protein and fiber. The shake contains the best of the best when it comes to ingredients, like flaxseed, spirulina, and hemp. Plus, you can’t beat the flavor. People love the no added sugar plant-based shake when mixed with unsweetened coconut milk, and the fact that it’s manufactured in the U.S.

The chocolate-flavored shake and vanilla shakes taste nothing like old, grainy protein powders. If you’re looking for more energy or a higher intake of proteins, this may be the shake for you.

With a 90-day money-back guarantee, ProPlant Complete ShakeTM stands out above other protein supplements. You really can’t go wrong.

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About Gundry MD® ProPlant Complete ShakeTM*

ProPlant Complete ShakeTM is a nutritional protein energy supplement. The formula is composed of plant-based ingredients. The ingredients are natural, and it makes a great vegan option. To learn everything you need to know about this product, take a closer look at the ProPlant Complete Shake ingredients.

Now, according to Gundry MD®, holobiotics can help show the way to sustainable well-being. Here’s how: Healthy adults typically host more than 1000 species of beneficial microbes — or “gut buddies.” Your whole body can depend on these microbes. But there are harmful microbes in the mix, too.1†

The problem is that many people choose to eat sugar-laden foods that end the lives of their good bacteria and feed the more harmful ones. Sugar can throw your body off. Sugar consumption can open the gate to a lack of energy or even upset a balanced mood.2,3,4

But suppose you’re willing to improve your diet and make healthier lifestyle choices. In that case, you might potentially re-balance your gut microbiome and increase your intake of proteins — upping the good gut bugs and reducing the impact of your bad microbes. The good gut bugs may help promote a healthy immune system and good gut health.5†

Read on to learn more about how ProPlant Complete Shake can help you up your protein intake — each serving provides 10 grams of proteins — and help promote other potential health benefits.

*All individuals are unique. As such, your results can and will vary.

ProPlant Complete ShakeTM: Defining The Microbiome

It’s not always easy to explain the microbiome, so let’s break it down. Many people confuse microbiota with the microbiome. Your microbiota are the 10 -100 trillion microbial cells that live in your body, mostly in your gut. The human microbiome contains the genes that shelter the microbiota.

Your gut, digestive tract, and large and small intestines are the primary home to these 100 trillion bacteria. Those bacteria help you digest your food, assist in eliminating toxins, and help your body produce and absorb nutrients.6,7,8†

Gundry MD® ProPlant Complete ShakeTM Ingredients

Chocolate Ingredients: Protein Blend: (flaxseed, hemp protein, spirulina), cocoa powder, natural flavors, and modified food starch. Stevie Blend: steviol glycosides & rebaudioside A) and salt.

Vanilla Ingredients: Protein Blend: (flaxseed, hemp protein, spirulina), natural flavors, and modified food starch. Stevie Blend: steviol glycosides & rebaudioside A) and salt.


How Do I Use Gundry MD® ProPlant Complete ShakeTM?

It’s so easy to make a ProPlant Complete Shake. Just add a single 30-gram scoop of ProPlant powder to 8 fl. oz of unsweetened coconut milk. You can use water, too — whichever you prefer. Then, either shake it up in a shaker bottle or blend it until it’s smooth in a blender.

You’ll end up with a creamy, delicious shake that will give you 10 grams of protein and make you feel like you’re indulging in a yummy, sweet treat.

Is ProPlant Complete ShakeTM Quality-Checked?

Gundry MD ProPlant Complete ShakeTM contains high-quality ingredients. The protein-packed blend is assessed for quality by an independent, third-party firm.  Of course, we always recommend consulting with your physician before using any supplement, including ProPlant Complete ShakeTM.

How Much Does ProPlant Complete ShakeTM Cost And Where Can I Get It?

Complete shake pricing is available on the Gundry MD® website. Rest assured, you won’t be wasting your hard-earned money. You can purchase a single jar for just $69.95 on the Gundry MD® website. And if you are buying a 3-jar package, you’ll save another $21.00. Or, go for a full 6-jar package to save over $60 total.

Does Gundry MD® ProPlant Complete ShakeTM provide a money-back guarantee?

Gundry MD® works hard to deliver industry-best customer support services. The support teams are highly-trained and skilled to handle any type of issue that may come up.

Gundry MD® dietary supplements are backed by the company’s 90-day customer satisfaction guarantee. So, if you aren’t 100% satisfied with ProPlant Complete Shake (or any other Gundry MD® supplement), just call the customer service team within 90 days of purchase. Gundry MD® will issue you a refund of your money for the full purchase price for the product.


ProPlant Complete Shake Reviews

Benjamin Ripley, on 10-13-2020
Great tasting and satisfying

I enjoyed its taste and it really filled me up and cut down on my cravings at night; In the beginning, I was taking it once a day at supper, but my stomach found it really heavy; I have decided to take the shake occasionally as an excellent alternative for animal protein

Gail, on 10-08-2020

The ProPlant shakes are the best! Plus, they are lectin free and low in carbs. I enjoy having one in the morning and one in the evening with an avocado mixed in. They are smooth and delicious!

Rob Beauchamp, on 09-30-2020
Perfect Protien Option

I love having a perfect protein option that is simply All Good! The fact that it is vegan as well avoiding lectins, and each ingredient having such important health benefits is outstanding! I hope it is always available!

Kim Vuong, on 09-12-2020
ProPlant complete shake

I have been enjoying the ProPlant Shake for the last 4 weeks. When I decided to purchase this ProPlant shake, it was intended for me only and the main purpose was the protein supplement. But since I used this product, I combined the black coffee drink so I was able to make a mocha drink without using additional sugar or cream and it was delicious. Now, my husband and my daughter love the shake too and the whole family has been enjoying the shake every morning. I don't usually give feedback but I decided to write for this one because I love this product very much.

Mark D Garraway, on 08-26-2020

I have used a multitude of protein supplements over my lifetime. Almost all supplements I have used cause bloating and tend to cause weight gain when used. This is the first supplement that has helped to correct all my stomach and digestion issues and it keeps me on the lean side. No bloating or gas. I absolutely love this product. Give it a try for a month. You will be hooked too!

Thomas H.norris, on 04-10-2019
Plant protein

Love the plant protein shake, filling and no bloating!

Vicky, on 02-06-2019
AT Last!

Finally, a protein shake without Lectins. My body loves it! I only wish you had it in Vanilla too. Thank you for this product.

Norma Iglehart, on 10-16-2018

I take this mixed up, to the gym for a quick easy lunch between classes. I love it! Easy, yummy and keeps me going. Following the lectin free plan has relieved me of frequent brain fog and this gives me another great option.

Lisa, on 07-26-2018
Very Tasty!

I was a diehard pea protein brand of protein powder every morning. Of course, I needed to switch. The chocolate flavor is so rich that you don't need to add chocolate stevia drops like I always had. Makes a nice consistency smoothie when I throw in some spinach and ice. I highly recommend.

Bronis, on 07-05-2018
ProPlant is excellent

I've been using ProPlant for several months and am really pleased. The flavor is excellent and the fiber content outstandingƒ?? it really keeps me regular. As importantly, the plant based ingredients are better than any other protein drink I've been able to find. It's a great meal replacement that keeps both my tummy and body satisfied!

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